Rotary Club of Coatesville to Assume Leadership of the 2020 Strawberry Festival

Rotary Club of Coatesville to Assume Leadership of the 2020 Strawberry Festival

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The Rotary Club of Coatesville is pleased to announce that the Club will serve as organizer of
the upcoming Strawberry Festival, which will be held on May 28-31, 2020 on the grounds of the
Brandywine Hospital. This decision was made after considerable discussion prompted by the
news that The Brandywine Health Foundation would no longer undertake the management and
oversight of the festival.

“We are delighted that the Rotary Club of Coatesville has decided to take on the role of
organizer of the 2020 Strawberry Festival,” said Vanessa B. Briggs, president and CEO of
Brandywine Health Foundation. “Our new strategic plan requires that we use our time and
resources differently. Moving forward, having a positive, sustainable impact on the current and
emerging health care needs of the Coatesville community is our singular priority. We wish
the Rotary Club and Brandywine Hospital/Tower Health the best in this new venture.”

According to Lindsay Myers, Rotary Club of Coatesville President, “47 years ago, our Club
staged the first Festival along with the nurses of the former Coatesville Hospital. We are
incredibly excited to again lead this landmark event and are grateful to Tower Health for so
enthusiastically continuing their support of the Festival in 2020.”

Myers continues, “We would also be remiss if we didn’t recognize the substantial funding from
the community that has allowed us to assume this role. We look forward to announcing our
presenting sponsors and will encourage the community to join us in thanking them for making
the continuation of the Festival possible. This is going to be a true community collaboration and
2020 will feature some exciting new aspects while preserving the tradition that has made this
such a highly anticipated event.”

Rotary’s focus has always been a service to the community and the Strawberry Festival will be
yet another way for the Rotary Club of Coatesville to continue this mission. In keeping with this
tradition of support for local organizations, recipients of the proceeds from the Festival will
benefit the Coatesville Youth Initiative, Chester County Food Bank and other outstanding
community organizations.
Any individuals or groups interested in learning more about Rotary Club of Coatesville or the
Strawberry Festival can visit the Club website at