BHF Approves $30,000 Grant for Rotary Club of Coatesville to Organize 2020 Strawberry Festival

The Brandywine Health Foundation’s board of directors have approved a $30,000 general operating grant to the Rotary Club of Coatesville to organize the Strawberry Festival in May 2020.

“Our new strategic plan and approach will enable us to focus on improving the conditions under which all people in the Greater Coatesville community can be healthy and thrive,” said Vanessa Briggs, BHF’s President and CEO. “We are pleased that the Rotary Club of Coatesville has made the decision to take on the role of organizer of the 2020 Strawberry Festival, hosted by the Brandywine Hospital. And so, the foundation’s board and staff wanted to provide the organization with a one-time general operating grant to assist them in their efforts to coordinate this community event.”

“Forty-seven years ago, our club staged the first festival along with the nurses of the former Coatesville Hospital,” said Lindsay Myers, president of the Rotary Club of Coatesville. “We are incredibly excited to again lead this landmark event, which the Brandywine Health Foundation has built into such an important event in our community. We deeply appreciate this extraordinary show of support with this general operating grant.”

Inquiries regarding the 2020 Strawberry Festival can be directed to